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The HIP CDR for health regions

Lay the foundations for your networked digital transformation strategy

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New European regulations aim to improve patient electronic access to their health data and facilitate more immediate and reliable shared exchange and use of health information between care providers. Regions can only guarantee the best possible care if all medical stakeholders have dependable and fast access to the most up-to-date health data for patients.

The HIP CDR can be easily integrated into local and national IT ecosystems, providing the backbone for patient-centred infrastructure that enables secure and effective storage of the health data of all citizens within a region.

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Groundbreaking clinical data platform

Catalonia: paving the way for the networked health regions of the future

As early as mid-2023, Catalonia was the first Spanish region to confirm that it would use the HIP CDR with the intention of building a next-generation digital health infrastructure. Electronic health records for the entire region of Catalonia with its more than 7.5 million inhabitants will be redesigned and unified from 2024 through the provision of a complete end-to-end clinical data platform based on the HIP CDR. Semantic interoperability will be ensured with an openEHR-based data model. This standardised data platform constitutes the backbone of the digital transformation strategy for the Catalan Health Service (CatSalut).

Groundbreaking project: building a clinical data platform for Catalonia

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The deployment of the Clinical Data Repository (CDR) following the openEHR specification, is a major milestone in the implementation of our Digital Health Strategy. The CDR is at the centre of our digital health platform and the main technological piece allowing us to build our new longitudinal patient-centric EHR.

Dr. Jordi Piera Jiménez
Project Manager
Director of the Digital Health Strategy Office, Catalan Health Service

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The benefits for your health region

The ideal foundation for your improved, interoperable electronic health record (EHR).

Development of patient-centred, vendor-independent infrastructure.

Secure and reliable storage of the health data of all citizens in your region.

Providers have immediate access to health data, and all data protection requirements are met.

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