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The HIP CDR for research institutions

Good research needs good data

Central data repository for improved research

Store clinical data in a central location with the HIP CDR and have access to your information at all times — for more effective cooperation between departments.

In the world of modern medicine, data is of vital importance. University hospitals and medical research institutions face the challenge of collecting, storing, organising, and analysing huge amounts of clinical data. Such information is key to improving patient care, developing new therapies, and conducting targeted medical research. Against this backdrop, it makes perfect sense for institutions in the healthcare industry to invest in the HIP Clinical Data Repository (HIP CDR).

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Key features at a glance


Data consistency and quality

Data can be collected and monitored uniformly thanks to the central repository, resulting in improved data quality and fewer data entry errors. Researchers and doctors have the peace of mind of knowing they can always rely on the information to hand.

Effiziente Forschung

Efficient research and development

The HIP CDR significantly accelerates the research process. Scientists can quickly access historical patient data and observe trends in order to identify patterns and develop new treatment strategies.


Regulatory compliance and data protection

The HIP CDR can be configured to meet stringent data protection and security requirements in the healthcare industry, for example to comply with regulations such as HIPAA in the US and the GDPR in Europe.



Medical research and technology are constantly evolving. A CDR can be easily expanded and updated to meet changing demands — ensuring the investment continues to pay off year after year.


Valuable healthcare data

The HIP CDR provides real-time access to healthcare data that reflects actual clinical practice. Researchers can examine real patient histories and results in order to gain sound scientific insights.


Long-term studies and observations

Healthcare data from the HIP CDR can be used for long-term studies and observations of patients and is valuable to understanding chronic diseases, evaluating the long-lasting effects of treatments, and identifying epidemiological trends.

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