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The HIP CDR for hospitals

Digitalisation for hospitals without vendor dependency

As a hospital, use the potential of your health data.

Set the stage now for a future where you have full control over the data in your hospital.

vitagroup’s HIP Clinical Data Repository (HIP CDR) is a central data storage platform that separates your data from applications. It enables you to use your data in all systems – regardless of vendor – without the need for conversion. Create the optimal conditions for the digital transformation of your hospital with the HIP CDR.

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Key features at a glance

Enjoy vendor independency

The HIP CDR stores data separately from applications. Easily replace your solutions as needed and integrate best-of-breed applications.

Ensure central data availability

Deliver the data needed for all solutions and use cases — existing and new — without additional, complex interfaces.

Gain flexibility

New policy and technology challenges are a constant. With the HIP CDR, you can react flexibly and cost-effectively to anything that comes your way.


Comply with legal requirements

Ensure you meet all interoperability requirements. The HIP CDR allows you to easily comply with international technical, syntactic, and semantic standards.

Reduce interface costs

Why persist with interfaces that are very costly to maintain? With a central, interoperable data repository, you can finally say goodbye to this problem.


Improve quality

To produce reliable analysis results, and thereby control and improve the quality of your medical processes, a standardised database is a must.

Eligible for subsidies covering up to 100% of costs under the KHZG

With the HIP CDR, you are ideally prepared to meet all interoperability requirements and provisions contained in the German Hospital Future Act (KHZG) and internationally recognised norms. In addition, you can comply directly with stipulations in respect of, for example, the ISiK hospital information system standard, telematics infrastructure connection, and Health IT Interoperability Governance Ordinance, while creating the perfect conditions for all future digitalisation projects.

The HIP CDR in action

These hospitals have already opted for the HIP CDR

Das HIP CDR im Einsatz beim ST. Antonius Krankenhaus Köln

St. Antonius Krankenhaus

The St. Antonius Hospital in Cologne was one of the first institutions of its kind in Germany to take the next step in digitalisation as early as March 2023. The hospital is using vitagroup’s HIP CDR to store health data centrally—regardless of vendor or system.


Kreiskliniken Dillingen Wertingen

The Dillingen and Wertingen regional hospitals are using the HIP CDR to create interoperable, complete, and quality-assured patient records for improved and more efficient patient care.

Das HIP CDR im Einsatz bei der Marienhaus-Gruppe


The Marienhaus Group opted for the HIP CDR in April 2023. The group of companies includes 15 hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Saarland.

Das HIP CDR im Einsatz bei der Ruhr Universität Bochum


In order to strengthen its research and teaching activities locally, nationally, and internationally, the University Hospitals of the Ruhr University of Bochum syndicate set itself the goal of building medical research data infrastructure that will enable straightforward data sharing in accordance with privacy laws. The HIP CDR is the backbone of this project.

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Your benefits at a glance

Finally gain the ability to innovate.
Flexible. Cost-effective. Forward-looking.

Finally enjoy the benefits of digitalisation.
Vendor-independent. Highly structured. Interoperable.

Finally have access to your data.
All the time. Easily. Efficiently.

Finally build your digital ecosystem.
Controlled. Future-proof. Designed to last.

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The benefits for your hospital of the future

Innovate in all your digitalisation projects
Flexible. Cost-effective. Forward-looking.

Thanks to the open, highly structured, and standardised data repository, you finally have the power to act in your digitalisation projects for your KHZG implementations and all other future undertakings. The HIP CDR gives you the flexibility to meet all requirements cost-effectively. The interoperable, open data storage allows you to design processes to work across systems for a flexible, cost-effective, and forward-looking approach. Your patients are sure to appreciate the continuous improvements to your digital services.

Harness the potential for digitalisation in your hospital
Vendor-independent. Highly structured. Interoperable.

There are already thousands of ways in which digitalisation can improve healthcare, and every day there are more. But all of them require the availability of high-quality structured health data. Without this, you simply do not have the building blocks needed for clinical decision support, artificial intelligence in diagnostics, and process automation. With the HIP CDR, you can take advantage of highly structured data and use technologies that will bring about a lasting improvement in your healthcare delivery.

Optimise data availability across systems
All the time. Easily. Efficiently.

The HIP CDR increases the availability and usability of your health data so that your staff have access to all relevant information at any time — regardless of vendor or system. This lightens the load for your hospital’s care staff, managers, and IT department, to the benefit of your patients.

The foundation for your digital ecosystem
Controlled. Future-proof. Designed to last.

The HIP CDR easily integrates into your existing system landscape. Based on open standards and interfaces, it serves as the foundation for all current and future processes and applications in your digital ecosystem. The HIP CDR itself is also vendor-independent thanks to its standard technologies and open-source core. Change is a constant — whether in terms of policy, technology, or strategy. Our solution grows with you, so that you can respond flexibly and as needs dictate at all times.

Rely on a strong partner
Experienced. Stable. Fair.

The vitagroup team — from interoperability experts and developers through to privacy professionals and medical practitioners — can manage joint projects and be there when you need assistance. With over 20 years of experience, we are always at your side as a reliable partner. Benefit from our expertise and straightforward approach. And with us, you enjoy an additional advantage: the core of our solution is open source. Which means you need never be dependent on a software vendor again.

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Build solid foundations now for your hospital of the future – with the HIP CDR.

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