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In the constantly evolving world of health informatics, providers of hospital information systems (HIS) face continuous pressure to fully satisfy customer requirements while also meeting growing data storage and management demands. The HIP Clinical Data Repository (HIP CDR) is the perfect addition to their portfolio. Discover the numerous advantages and opportunities.

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Key features at a glance

Zentrale Speicherung

Centralised data management

With the HIP CDR, clinical data from various sources can be stored and managed centrally. Hospital information systems can then access a comprehensive database of patient data, medical records, laboratory results, and the like, greatly facilitating information integration, access, and analysis.


Data analysis and reporting

Analysis of clinical data is critical to improving patient care and identifying trends. The HIP CDR facilitates access to extensive amounts of information and provides powerful tools for data analysis and reporting. Customers can gain valuable insights into healthcare provision beyond their own systems.


Scalability and future-proofing

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and data management requirements are increasing. The HIP CDR is scalable and grows with the needs of customers. Systems are therefore future-proofed and can be adapted to new technologies and standards.


Competitive advantage

Given ever-increasing competition in the healthcare industry, it is essential that HIS providers offer their customers comprehensive solutions that grow with their requirements. The HIP CDR gives providers a competitive edge that allows them to position themselves as a reliable partner in an evolving industry and expand their customer base.


Interoperability and data exchange

Interoperability is key to coordinating patient care. By enabling seamless data exchange between institutions and systems, the HIP CDR promotes cooperation and increases quality of care. This means that HIS providers are well equipped to meet the changing demands of the healthcare sector.

Künstliche Intelligenz

Big data and artificial intelligence

Big data and AI have the potential to revolutionise healthcare. The HIP CDR provides the foundation for the data collection and analysis required for advanced AI applications and data-driven decision support systems. Providers are therefore better positioned to develop innovative solutions and meet the needs of their customers.

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