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Data Storage

openEHR REST API (v1.0.1)
openEHR AQL (v1.0)
openEHR RM (v1.1)
Server Admin API
FHIR Server R4--
FHIR Search--
Event Trigger-
Binary Storage (S-3)--

Integration Capabilities

CDR Bridge Integration Engine--
Custom Mappings (HL7 v2, FHIR R4)--
FHIR Connector (inbound)--
FHIR Connector (outbound)--
HL7 v2 Connector (inbound)--
HL7 v2 Connector (outbound)--


Horizontal Scaling (YugabyteDB) (optional)-
Multi-Tenancy API*-
Fully integrated Multi-Tenancy--
Transaction Compensation API*-
Fully integrated Transaction Compensation--
AMQP (RabbitMQ) integration bus--
Kubernetes Configuration--
* There are preconditions. Clarification of data flows necessary.


Basic Auth-
Attribute Based Access Control API (XACML PEP)-
Fully integrated Attribute Based Access Control (XACML, PEP, PIP, PAP, PRP, PDP)--
ATNA Logging API-
ATNA Logging--
Integration with other ID providers (e.g. with Active Directory) via OICD and OAuth2--

Administration UI & Dev Tools

CDR Suite Admin Dashboard--
CDR Suite Template Management UI--
CDR Suite Explorer UI--
CDR Suite AQL Editor (coming soon)--
CDR Suite User Management--
CDR Suite Org & Tenant Management--
CDR Suite Active Directory Integration--
CDR Forms (optional)--
Patient Viewer (optional)--


Service Level Agreement (SLA)*-
Consulting Services-
* There are preconditions (SaaS or on-premise installation).

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