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Start your digitalisation projects: quickly, future-proof, flexibly scalable.

The HIP Clinical Data Repository (HIP CDR) integrates your data from existing systems and transforms it into an open, highly structured data format. The HIP CDR is the vendor-neutral backend for natively interoperable clinical application systems and the foundation for a sustainable digital ecosystem in healthcare.

With the HIP CDR, you get an integrated total solution that combines intuitive interfaces, comprehensive access control and powerful integration and development tools in a single platform. Start your innovative and sustainable digitalisation projects immediately and easily.


Key features at a glance

Vendor neutrality

Enabled through international open standards such as FHIR and openEHR. Plus: data stored in open source licensed system components.

Seamless integration

CDR Bridge for flexible HL7v2 and FHIR interfaces. Pre-configured identity and access control based on Keycloak.

Data security

Control rights down to the data level with built-in attribute-based access control. Logging of all accesses and regular security audits ensure optimum protection.

Efficient implementation

Comprehensive options for effective implementation of your project requirements thanks to the expandable data model.

Made for the cloud

High scalability thanks to cloud-native architecture and support for modern, distributed databases.

Patient Viewer

The intuitive user interface presents data in the patient context in an understandable way.

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Data Storage

openEHR REST API (v1.0.1)
openEHR AQL (v1.0)
openEHR RM (v1.1)
Server Admin API
FHIR Server R4--
FHIR Search--
Event Trigger-
Binary Storage (S-3)--

Integration Capabilities

CDR Bridge Integration Engine--
Custom Mappings (HL7 v2, FHIR R4)--
FHIR Connector (inbound)--
FHIR Connector (outbound)--
HL7 v2 Connector (inbound)--
HL7 v2 Connector (outbound)--


Horizontal Scaling (YugabyteDB) (optional)-
Multi-Tenancy API*-
Fully integrated Multi-Tenancy--
Transaction Compensation API*-
Fully integrated Transaction Compensation--
AMQP (RabbitMQ) integration bus--
Kubernetes Configuration--
* There are preconditions. Clarification of data flows necessary.


Basic Auth-
Attribute Based Access Control API (XACML PEP)-
Fully integrated Attribute Based Access Control (XACML, PEP, PIP, PAP, PRP, PDP)--
ATNA Logging API-
ATNA Logging--
Integration with other ID providers (e.g. with Active Directory) via OICD and OAuth2--

Administration UI & Dev Tools

CDR Suite Admin Dashboard--
CDR Suite Template Management UI--
CDR Suite Explorer UI--
CDR Suite AQL Editor (coming soon)--
CDR Suite User Management--
CDR Suite Org & Tenant Management--
CDR Suite Active Directory Integration--
CDR Forms (optional)--
Patient Viewer (optional)--


Service Level Agreement (SLA)*-
Consulting Services-
* There are preconditions (SaaS or on-premise installation).

Your benefits with the HIP CDR

Future-proof and ready to use
Benefit from a comprehensive, ready-to-use cloud-platform for your vendor-independent healthcare data management. Our platform is already being used by several healthcare institutions.

Sustainable and vendor neutral
Achieve sustainable investments and complete vendor independence based on open standards and open source software.

Flexibly scalable
Choose advanced integration capabilities for healthcare regions and hospital information systems based on recognised eHealth standards.

Control and security
Get absolute security through integrated and flexible attribute-based access control, security and data protection capabilities.

Absolute data availability
Open APIs based on openEHR, FHIR and S3 ensure 100% accessibility to your healthcare data.

Our services at a glance

Technical consulting

Technical implementation support for digitization projects in the context of HIP CDR and preparation of GoLives.

Integration concept

Creation of a technical concept for the integration of the HIP CDR into your clinical system landscape based on the analysis of current systems, interfaces and data structures.

HL7 v2 system integration

Provision of necessary product components, implementation of individual HL7 v2 mapping requirements and testing of the integrated systems.

Project management

Our highly qualified project management team is your key to success. We make sure that your project is implemented efficiently and successfully so that you can concentrate fully on your goals.


Our expertise is your advantage. Our training courses provide you with comprehensive knowledge – from the basics of administration to the advanced functions of HIP CDR.


As part of our Bronze package, we are your reliable back-up with high availability and offer solution-oriented support. Together, we solve challenges directly and effectively.

The HIP CDR lays the foundation for an IT architecture that grows with your needs, ensuring you can position yourself for the future with a strategy built to last. Free your data now!

Dr. Nils Hellrung
Director of Strategy & Operations, vitagroup

What we offer

The HIP CDR provides you with the following features

Open data standards enable vendor independence

The HIP CDR uses the open and internationally recognised FHIR and openEHR standards to store and deliver structured data. This gives you full control over your data at all times. The open and standardised interfaces give you read and write access to all data at all times. An S3 binary data store is available for storing multimedia data.

In addition to using open standards, the HIP CDR goes one step further: health data is stored exclusively in open source licensed system components. In this way, the HIP CDR guarantees true vendor independence – for a long-term, future-proof investment in your digitalisation strategy. Ideal for a fast start to your projects: the HIP CDR offers flexible and secure storage options for binary data and guarantees full traceability of data origin.

Efficient integration into your enterprise environment

System integration is a major challenge in healthcare, not least because of new legal requirements for interoperability. With CDR Bridge, you can define HL7v2 and FHIR interfaces in a flexible and extensible way – for perfect integration into your business processes. The library of interface definitions is constantly being expanded and can be customised by your IT team as required.

The HIP CDR comes with pre-configured identity and access control based on Keycloak and integrates with your existing user authentication via openID Connect, LDAP, Active Directory, SAML and others. Single sign-on and 2-factor authentication can also be realised.

Secure and GDPR compliant

The integrated attribute-based access control (ABAC) allows fine-grained control of access rights down to the data level via our administration interface. Thanks to this, HIP CDR fulfils the requirements for implementation within hospitals as well as for the implementation of case files between healthcare providers.

All access to data is automatically recorded on the basis of the Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA) specification and can be retrieved by auditors. Regular security testing ensures that HIP CDR provides the best possible protection for your data.

Your requirements efficiently realised

The HIP CDR is a transactional platform that supports you in managing the daily workload in your healthcare organisation. The extensible data model based on openEHR and FHIR, open REST interfaces, software development kits and visual editors for creating forms and database queries provide comprehensive options for efficiently meeting your requirements. Your digitalisation strategy will bear fruit with every new application.

Made for the cloud

With the HIP CDR, you benefit from the advantages of a modern cloud architecture. Efficient and highly available operation is easy on your resources and your nerves. Thanks to the comprehensive multi-client capability, you can manage user directories, databases, forms, etc. independently and separately with your HIP CDR instance. Clients are easy to manage via our administration interface.

The HIP CDR grows with your needs. Whether it’s a hospital network or a national health record: With support for cloud databases, you choose the response times and storage size you need for successful operation – without having to worry about backup strategies.

Visualise your patient data (Add-on)

The Patient Viewer provides you with an intuitive user interface that seamlessly and comprehensively displays patient contextual data from openEHR and FHIR.

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