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Robust and lightweight openEHR backend for your mission-critical eHealth infrastructures

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Get your digitisation projects off to a robust, future-proof and sustainable start.

HIP EHRbase is the ideal solution to introduce open platform capabilities to your product or solution. HIP EHRbase provides you a battle-hardened and comprehensive implementation of the openEHR specifications with flexible deployment and integration capabilities.

HIP EHRbase elevates the world’s leading open source implementation of openEHR (EHRbase) with advanced features and service levels to meet highest demands. Combined with next-generation databases HIP EHRbase serves small mobile applications as well as large-scale eHealth infrastructures.


Key features at a glance

Open Source

Modern and future-proof implementation of the openEHR specifications. Support for the current openEHR REST API and additional specification components for migration.

Smooth integration

HIP EHRbase extends the core functionality of openEHR with intelligent integration options and APIs.

Data security

Data protection through annual penetration testing, automated vulnerability checks and additional security functions.

High scalability

Covers the full range of databases as well as special functions for YugabyteDB.


Deploy anywhere

Flexible integration into your technology environment. Support for running on hardware servers, local and virtual machines, and Kubernetes-based environments.

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Data Storage

openEHR REST API (v1.0.1)
openEHR AQL (v1.0)
openEHR RM (v1.1)
Server Admin API
FHIR Server R4--
FHIR Search--
Event Trigger-
Binary Storage (S-3)--

Integration Capabilities

CDR Bridge Integration Engine--
Custom Mappings (HL7 v2, FHIR R4)--
FHIR Connector (inbound)--
FHIR Connector (outbound)--
HL7 v2 Connector (inbound)--
HL7 v2 Connector (outbound)--


Horizontal Scaling (YugabyteDB) (optional)-
Multi-Tenancy API*-
Fully integrated Multi-Tenancy--
Transaction Compensation API*-
Fully integrated Transaction Compensation--
AMQP (RabbitMQ) integration bus--
Kubernetes Configuration--
* There are preconditions. Clarification of data flows necessary.


Basic Auth-
Attribute Based Access Control API (XACML PEP)-
Fully integrated Attribute Based Access Control (XACML, PEP, PIP, PAP, PRP, PDP)--
ATNA Logging API-
ATNA Logging--
Integration with other ID providers (e.g. with Active Directory) via OICD and OAuth2--

Administration UI & Dev Tools

CDR Suite Admin Dashboard--
CDR Suite Template Management UI--
CDR Suite Explorer UI--
CDR Suite AQL Editor (coming soon)--
CDR Suite User Management--
CDR Suite Org & Tenant Management--
CDR Suite Active Directory Integration--
CDR Forms (optional)--
Patient Viewer (optional)--


Service Level Agreement (SLA)*-
Consulting Services-
* There are preconditions (SaaS or on-premise installation).
IT Experten programmieren mit EHRbase

Your benefits with HIP EHRbase

Robust, flexible and lightweight
HIP EHRbase offers you a reliable and powerful solution to enhance your product or infrastructure with open platform capabilities based on openEHR.

Based on open source
Gain the full functionality and benefits of EHRbase, the world’s leading open source implementation of the openEHR standard.

Full compatibility for smooth migration
Benefit from cost-efficient and uncomplicated system and data migrations thanks to compatibility and conformity with other openEHR vendors.

Secure and scalable
Advanced enterprise features offer full integration capability, security and scalability.

Our services at a glance

System check openEHR

We screen your system landscape and provide know-how and information as an initial indicator of the effort and requirements of a transformation to openEHR.

Deep Dive: System analysis

We create a customized technical feasibility concept for the integration of HIP EHRbase based on the technical analysis of existing systems, interfaces and data structures.

Solution architecture support

Our experts accompany your implementation and offer continuous access to know-how and individual problem-solving strategies in the context of openEHR and HIP EHRbase.

Mentoring Modelling

Together with you, we plan and create individual data models for openEHR and you get access to modeling experts for your individual modeling requirements


Our expertise is your advantage. Our training courses provide you with comprehensive knowledge – from the basics to the advanced functions of openEHR and HIP EHRbase.

Comprehensive support

We offer professional support whenever you need it. We work with you to find the best solution for your request and optimize your experience.

Data is for life, not just for one system. If we consider that as a principle, we will design and procure systems differently.

Rachel Dunscombe
CEO openEHR International

What we offer

HIP EHRbase provides you with the following features

Based on the world’s leading open source implementation

HIP EHRbase provides a modern and future-proof implementation of the openEHR specifications. Built on the latest versions of Java and Spring Boot, it supports recent versions of the official openEHR REST API including the Archetype Query Language (AQL). New parts of the specification such as the WebTemplate format ensure the compatibility with other openEHR vendors and allow for swift application and data migration.

Convenient embedding into your products and solutions

HIP EHRbase enhances the openEHR core functions with intelligent integration capabilities and APIs.

Event Triggers: HIP EHRbase allows to automate processes based on structured clinical data. No matter if you need to automatically populate a data warehouse, send data to another app via Kafka, RabbitMQ or HTTP, Event Triggers provide the flexible foundation.

Multi-Tenancy API: When data needs to be logically separated, this API provides various functions for setting up and managing different tenants. The use of different schemas per tenant allows for a clean and secure separation of data.

Transaction Compensation: Modern service-oriented architectures (including micro-service architecture) face the challenge of keeping data in-sync across multiple services and databases. For this purpose, HIP EHRbase provides a transaction compensation API in accordance with the Saga-Pattern to performance rollbacks if needed.

Message-Bus-Integration: The openEHR API is built around REST. When services need to be connected using a message bus, HIP EHRbase provides a proxy service that receives messages from RabbitMQ and Kafka and translates them to the openEHR REST API.

Secure and compliant

HIP EHRbase supports you to secure and protect patient data. Annual penetration testing and automated vulnerability checks ensure a high level of security for the long term. Moreover, it provides additional security features, such as:

XACML API: There are numerous approaches to secure your applications and infrastructures. Besides Basic Auth and OAuth2, HIP EHRbase provides an API that allows to map the API to XACML policies and enforce them with the application server.

ATNA Logging: In order to comply with GDPR, any application that processes patient data needs to have proper audit trailing. HIP EHRbase provides an Audit Trail API based on the Audit Trail and Node Authentication (ATNA) specifications to ensure that any access and processing of the patient data is properly logged.

Resilient and highly scalable

HIP EHRbase was specifically designed to manage the transactional workload of busy environments such as hospital groups or regional and national eHealth infrastructures.

Database configurations can cover the full spectrum from a single-node Postgres or Postgres cluster to derivates like AWS Aurora. For multi-data centre scenarios with a sharded database, HIP EHRbase provides dedicated support for YugabyteDB, a leading distributed SQL database.

Operating options: Deploy anywhere

HIP EHRbase and its tools are provided as individual Java binaries and Docker containers. This gives you the flexibility to embed HIP EHRbase into your own technology environments. In addition to supporting operations on hardware servers, local machines, virtual machines etc., AWS, Azure, GCP and other Kubernetes-based environments are feasible. HIP EHRbase is also certified to run on OpenShift.

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